Bloulders beach

At Lagos Zoo

This space is a recreation of Boulders beach, a beach located near the city of Cape Town, South Africa. On this beach is a colony of African penguins that settled there since 1982. From only 2 breeding pairs to colony has grown to close to 3000 birds in recent years.

Although this beach is located in a residential area, it is one of the few places where this endangered species can be observed, freely, in a protected place. On the Boulders beach of the Lagos Zoo, this is what we try to recreate - A place where you can observe African penguins , with underwater vision, but that is protected for them and that the coexistence between visitor / animal can occur in harmony.

As such, there will be some rules that will need to be met in order to safeguard the interest of the animals

Price of Tickets - 6 €
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Help the Boulders beach project is helping the Conservation of this species in its natural habitat.

For each entry in this space the Lagos Zoo donates €1 to the SANCCOB project which helps at the recovery and protection of marine species and the African Penguin (Spheniscus demersus).